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DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse is your Home Inspection Experts

Property buyers struggle with the idea that a home inspection is necessary during the home purchasing process. Obtaining a professional and knowledgeable home inspector such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse is your best investment. A Syracuse home inspector works directly for you as a third-party inspector and at the same time providing you with an impartial report of the property’s condition.

home inspection services in SyracuseThis may seem like just an unnecessary step to have to pay for and take, but the information that can be obtained from home inspections in Syracuse by a well-training inspector can mean the world of difference between a bad purchase and a good one.

Why Choose A Syracuse Home Inspector

Buying a property, whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned one, is a huge investment. As a buyer, it is not always possible to see all the major portions of the house nor know what to look for and where. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is available to evaluate your potential new home and go through the entire property making notations of the condition of all the systems and structure.

A Syracuse Home Inspector is charged with providing the most accurate and detailed information on the visible portions of the home and systems. He or she will take the time to inspect exterior and interior conditions, looking specifically for code violations, water damage, rot, insect infestations, roofing condition, heating, plumbing and electric systems, as well as chimney conditions, and foundation stability.

An older home may present some challenges for a new homeowner, and learning about what needs attention BEFORE buying, will assist you both in negotiating a sales price and planning for needed upgrades or repairs. Failing to obtain home inspections in Syracuse can leave you in a position of having extensive repairs that you may not have been aware of. This could turn a happy purchase into a nightmare.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

In the Syracuse area there is a fairly busy buying season upon us. Home inspectors in Syracuse are busy keeping up with the demand for home inspections. Be sure to obtain recommendations from friends, family, and do your own research into which home inspector to contract with.

home inspection services in SyracuseDiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services provide years of experience in the construction field, knowledgeable and professional services direct to you. Your choice of a Syracuse home inspector should take into consideration the experience, background and certification of the firm you decide to work with.

The accuracy of the home inspection report gives you reliable information with which to make your decision as to purchase, negotiation, or ending the process for the particular property. You need to know the actual issues that may be associated with the property of interest. Syracuse home inspections are necessary to protect consumers and lenders in making strong and stable investments.

Home Inspection Expert in Syracuse

Your future property or home is one of the largest long-term investments you will make in your lifetime. Experts in home inspections recommend that you research the backgrounds and expertise of the Syracuse home inspectors in order to choose the best firm for your needs.

Choosing DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will provide you with exactly the service and reliability you need during this sales and purchase period. Your lender wants to be assured that their investment in lending you the mortgage is also going to be satisfactory. A property that is in need of expensive repairs (replacing heating. Electrical, plumbing systems or repair of the structure itself) can run into thousands of dollars. Structural defects can run those estimates far above what either you, the buyer, can afford or the lender is able to take the risk on.

Home inspections in Syracuse by DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will ease your mind and prevent any major surprises. Contact us to set up a time to evaluate your potential property. We look forward to your business and providing you with an accurate report.

Thinking About Buying a New Home? When Should you Contact a Home Inspector

If you follow the local real estate market listings, you’ll see that homes are being listed, pending, and sold in fairly short order in the Syracuse area. This kind of market will keep a Syracuse home inspector busy and in demand to provide quality inspections of properties in your area.

There’s nothing like the pleasant spring weather to bring out the buyers and encourage the sellers to list properties in the Syracuse area. Across the country, the market seems to be moving a bit quicker than in years past. Perhaps you, too, are looking to purchase a new property?

Syracuse Home Inspector

home inspection in SyracuseWhat is a home inspector and what do they do, is an often asked question. Syracuse home inspections should be conducted by a licensed, experienced and knowledgeable firm or individual. Their job is to visually inspect the property at question. Visually means that they can only report on what they can see and cannot look into the walls, behind sheet rock, under floors, or anywhere else that would require moving something out of the way.

Home inspections are typically requested by a potential property buyer in accordance with their mortgage lender’s requirements. Hiring a Syracuse home inspector is the buyer’s responsibility, so doing some research ahead of time to decide whom to use would be a wise expense of your time.

Home Inspections in Syracuse

Once you’ve found a home that you like, have submitted a Purchase and Sales Agreement, and your offer has been accepted along with contingencies (of which having a favorable home inspection report may be one), this is the time to get started.

Contact your Syracuse home inspector that you’ve decided to use on the properties you have the strongest interest in. Set an appointment for your chosen firm to meet at the property to conduct the home inspection. At the appointment, the home inspector will walk around the outside of the home and outbuildings making note of any exterior issues.

Exterior points of interest are roofing, eaves, soffits, windows, porches, decks, railings, and where the electric power enters the house. Syracuse home inspections require an extensively knowledgeable person to be able to know which particular areas are most susceptible to damage, wear and tear, and rot.

home inspection serviceAfter examining the exterior, your home inspector will continue his evaluation inside the house. He/she will again be looking for obvious/visual issues with the interior walls, ceilings, windows, doors, heating units (including woodstoves and fireplaces), electrical system, and plumbing system.

Use a Reputable Home Inspection Service

Your future home is going to be one of the largest purchases you will make. Having chosen a professional home inspector will help make the purchase a good one…or it will give you information that may cause you to consider whether the investment is a good choice.

Some inspections may show an extensive issue with water damage from rotting areas (as in older homes), leaking roof (which can cause significant interior damage to rafters), heat/electric/water systems that are outdated or ill-functioning.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is your Syracuse home inspector who is knowledgeable and experienced in your area. Requesting a home inspection be done as soon as your offer has been accepted is an integral part of the purchasing process. Get the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your purchase, and get peace of mind as to the conditions you can expect to deal with.

Springtime Marks the Start of Home Buying Season in the Syracuse Region

After a long winter with sluggish home sales, the advent of Springtime brings out home buying folks and sellers with expectations of an improving economy. Springtime is the common season in the Syracuse region for the home buying process to commence. If you are preparing to purchase a new home this Spring, obtaining the services of a Syracuse Home Inspector will help you make the best decision on your dream house.

Home inspections in Syracuse are a sought after adjunct to the home buying experience. No matter the age of the property you are considering, finding the right Syracuse home inspector to go through the property prior to purchase will leave you feeling confidant in your selection or provide you with negotiation points if deficiencies are found.

Home Buying in the Syracuse Region

home buyingAre you watching the new homes listings as properties come up for sale? Maybe that home you’ve been wishing would go on the market has actually become available. A Syracuse home inspection by a certified, experienced home inspector will provide you with information about the current, visible condition of the house.

Home buying is an exciting adventure, but specific steps must be taken to satisfy the seller, lender, and for your peace of mind. Since you most likely are not experienced in construction, plumbing, heating or electrical systems having a Syracuse area home inspector on your side is an important aspect of the process,

Home Inspections in Syracuse

A Syracuse home inspector such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services has been providing reliable and experienced service throughout the Syracuse area. With extensive background in the construction field, Ron DiRaddo is available to evaluate and provide you with a full report of all visible systems and structural deficits, if existing, on the property you have chosen.

Very few homes are without conditions requiring attention. Even well-maintained properties may have deficiencies that may require attention in the near future. The obvious portions of a property that are reviewed are roofing materials and condition, exterior structure including soffits, eaves, porches/decks, chimneys and exterior vents.

Our Syracuse home inspector will then proceed to the interior of the property examining obvious flaws, water damage, interior chimney condition, proper ventilation and placement of wood burning stoves and foundation review. Once your home inspector reaches the foundation level, he will evaluate the visible and exterior conditions of the plumbing, heating and electrical systems. Mainly he is looking for systems that are up to code, in proper placement without flammable materials in the vicinity, rust, leakage and water damage.

Home Inspection Benefits All Parties to the Purchase

home buyingOne of the biggest and most important reasons to obtain home inspection services in Syracuse as the home buying frenzy starts, it to ascertain the actual current condition of the property. Lenders want to be assured the property they are lending on meets their underwriting requirements and provides a reasonable risk for their money. You, as the home buyer, want to be assured that the property you buy does not need extensive repairs, like roofing, structural issues, or old/outdated interior systems.

Deficiencies can be addressed either through negotiating repairs with the buyer, and/or sales pricing. Some defects may be significant enough to warrant a backing away from the property and moving on to finding another house that does not require extensive repairs.

All this and your Syracuse home inspector will determine your best course of action when it comes to home buying in the Syracuse region. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is available to meet your needs, evaluate the property you wish to buy, and provide you with a detailed report.

If you are in the market for a new home, protect your future investment with a proper, experienced, and thorough home inspection.

Longtime Home Owners Need Home Inspections Too

When you think of home inspections, you typical think of new home purchases. As you go through the buying process and work with a lender, there are several inspections that need to be done. Home inspections in Syracuse are important to the overall purchase of thome inspections in Syracusehe property.

But, longtime homeowners need home inspections as well. This may come as a surprise, but no matter how well you maintain your home, there can be issues that you don’t see. Time, weather, wear and tear, all contribute to the structural and internal systems of your home. The longer you’ve owned your property, the more important it is to contact your Syracuse home inspector to come out an evaluate your home.

What Types of Things Do Home Inspections Include?

Contrary to myth, home inspections do not see every little thing that could be wrong with a house. A Syracuse home inspector is required to observe and inspect the visible structural aspects of a home and the internal operating systems such as plumbing, heating and electric service.

Home inspection services in Syracuse are available through DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services serving Syracuse and the surrounding area. You can be assured that your home will be properly inspected by a licensed and certified home inspector with an extensive construction background. This is very important when considering who to hire to review your property for possible issues.

What Are Visible Structural Points?

A home inspector is not able to open up walls to view interior areas. They are not able to pull down ceiling tiles to determine exactly where water damage might be coming from. They will not test any portion of your utilities, but an inspector can note obvious and visible damage.

What a Syracuse home inspector can do is view the roof for obvious damage, the soffits and eaves for rot, the foundation for cracks and/or leaks. Home inspections include the evaluation of exterior structures like porches, patios, and decks, as well as a garage or similar attached structure.

Interior wise, the home inspections include visual notations of roof rafters in the attic space (if accessible), floors (looking for unusual discrepancies in the levelness), wall stability, basement and foundation for cracks, or water damage.

These structural issues, if not repaired in time, can result in significant damage and deterioration to the property. Your home inspections services in Syracuse will provide you with a complete report on the visible portions of your home for your review. It’s then up to you to determine what needs to be done. The home inspector cannot provide repair suggestions or estimates. You must obtain your own contractor to provide those to you.

In House Utilities

The utility systems in your home do, indeed, age and deteriorate over time. A Syracuse home inspection will include a review of your plumbing, heating and electrical utilities. Again, only on visible components. Home inspections do not attempt to see if the system works. They are merely looking at obvious damage or potential issues.

The plumbing is observed for proper pipe material (older homes may still have old piping that may need to be replaced for health reasons), leaking joints, missing valve handles and any other obvious issues.

The electrical system is inspected to ascertain it is up to code, proper wiring is in place, no bare wires or open junction boxes, and the circuit breaker box will be inspected for possible water damage and/or rust.

home inspectionsThe heating system is primarily checked to see that the furnace or boiler is in good operating condition. That there are no signs of rust in areas that could potentially cause damage, and that there are no leaks around the boiler and/or oil storage tank.

Know Your Home

Home inspections are equally valuable to current homeowners and buyers alike. It is important to ascertain the current condition of your property in order that appropriate steps may be taken to prevent further damage or possible property loss from faulty utilities.

Take the time this spring to contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for your full, complete and experienced home inspection report.

Home Inspection Issues Associated With the Finger Lakes

One of the most beautiful areas in New York (the Finger Lakes) is subject to harsh weather throughout the year. Home inspections in Syracuse are part of this beautiful region and DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide potential home buyers with the necessary services when considering purchasing a property in our area.

Weather is the number one cause of interior and structural damage to properties in the Finger Lakes area. Heavy snow and ice in the winter, high winds, and scorching summer heat can affect a property in many ways.

Syracuse Home Inspector – DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

home inspectionServicing the Finger Lakes area is your Syracuse home inspector, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, we can provide a thorough review of the property in question and assist you in making an appropriate decision during the purchasing process.

If you are researching the possibility of a home purchase in the Syracuse and surrounding areas, be sure to obtain a home inspection. A home inspector will evaluate the structural, interior, and mechanical utilities to determine the current condition of the property. You need this information to make a wise choice and decide whether to move forward with negotiations.

What Do Home Inspections in Syracuse Consist Of?

As with any properly done home inspection, a Syracuse home inspector will come out to evaluate the property. Once you have decided on your potential new property, contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to do the property inspection for you.

Syracuse home inspections are particularly intense due to the severe weather conditions. The home inspector needs to be well versed in the potential issues associated with the homes in the Finger Lakes region.

Home inspections in Syracuse consist of viewing and commenting on the following features:

Roofing material conditions
Exterior walls and paint
Exterior soffits, fascia, eaves, wooden areas, porches, decks
Entry areas for electricity, fuel, and wiring
Garages – roof, exterior siding, soffits, fascia, foundation
Foundation materials and conditions
Interior rafters and beams
Floor conditions
Any signs of water damage
Electrical system (wiring and circuit breaker box)
Heating system (furnace or boiler)
Plumbing (piping, leaks, water damage resulting from leaking pipes)
Radon testing (very important in the Finger Lakes region)

Other services may be provided depending on the Syracuse home inspector you obtain for your property inspection.

What a Home Inspection Does Not Include

home inspectionAlthough you can expect a detailed report of the various important parts of the property, a home inspector cannot (nor should they) provide recommendations or estimates to repair. That is your responsibility to research further into the cost to repair or replace. You may also determine that the necessary repairs will affect your negotiations and property purchase. The lender, who is a huge partner in your potential purchase, will want to be assured that the property in question is a good risk and will withstand the length of the mortgage with normal wear and tear.

If you, perchance, find a property you are determined to purchase, knowing the current condition of the home will be advantageous in your process of negotiation. The Finger Lakes properties should be carefully inspected for water damage, rot, foundation cracks, roof damage and wear, and other items as we previously listed.

Syracuse home inspections can provide you with much needed information about your potential purchase. Always be sure to obtain the services of an experienced, licensed, and reputable home inspector. His/her report is what you will be relying on to move forward with a home purchase in the Finger Lakes region.  Contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for an appointment when you are ready for your next purchase.

Radon Testing For Your Home or Business

Radon is a radioactive cancer-causing gas that is prevalent in many areas of the country, particularly those areas with a large amount of granite underground.Our Home inspection services in Syracuse should be your number one choice to evaluate the potential for radon in your home or business.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsWhether you are buying, renting, or renovating a home, there is no way to know the level or existence of radon without doing a full test. Radon testing should be done by professionals with special monitors that are placed in your basement for a particular period of time.

Syracuse Home Inspections

Syracuse home inspections can be provided to individuals for both purchases and to provide peace of mind to anyone occupying a residence. Renters are encouraged to have their landlord or rental service agency provide a radon test and results. As a known cancer-causing gas that emits no warnings, smells, or any other type of obvious information to alert you, it is important to have a Syracuse Home Inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services consult with you personally and set up a testing appointment.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsThe  radon levels in your home may or may not be significant. Many homes and businesses in the Northeast are plagued with this gas which emits from the ground, into the property and often also into the water supply if a well is being used. The degeneration of below ground granite and other ground deterioration can produce various levels of radon throughout the year and seasons. A property which has been empty or closed up for a period of time may show higher levels than is typical for that property because of reduced airflow.

How to Obtain Radon Testing

When obtaining home inspection services in Syracuse, be sure to ask for a radon test. If the home has been empty and closed for a period of time, be sure to request the Syracuse home inspector to test after airing out the house sufficiently. Property owners and dwellers must be aware that ANY amount of radon can have serious side effects including cancer. There are radon mitigating systems that remove the radon gas from the property via a venting system. Most systems are now very affordable and often standard in the newer built homes due to the current understanding of radon gas in the local area.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Health

Syracuse home inspectionsA home inspector in Syracuse like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, can be your best choice in evaluating potential home purchases, reviewing rehab projects, and providing services to existing homeowners. Having a home inspection done is not just for home buyers. As a home owner, you want to know about your property, any issues that need to be addressed (rot, electrical system, heating system, roof, septic system…) and most importantly, you need to know about the potential for radon in the home.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with a detailed inspection including testing for radon in your property or potential property. Don’t leave things like this up to chance. There is no better way to be sure of your home or business location’s safety and needed upgrades.  Radon testing is a must-do these days, so contact a specialist to provide you with needed information.

Home Inspection Services: Checking the Home’s Heating System

Have you found the property of your dreams? It’s a long process to locate the exact home that you and your family want to live in, this is when your Syracuse home inspector becomes your best friend. Home inspection services in Syracuse can provide you and your family with peace of mind and confidence in your potential purchase through their knowledge and professionalism in investigating that special property.

home inspection services SyracuseHome inspections not only are required by mortgage companies, but also should be required by you, the home buyer. As a home buyer, you want and need to know all there is about your potential new home.

Syracuse home inspections can take the unknown issues out of hiding and give you a complete evaluation of the property. Older homes may or may not have been kept up and properly maintained.  Antique houses (anything built in the early 1900’s) can still have original systems in place (electrical, plumbing, heating), and this age can affect the structure’s condition significantly.

Why check the homes heating system?

Of all the basic utilities in the house, the heating system is one of the core and basic needs especially in the Northeast. Your Syracuse home inspector will thoroughly review the current heating elements of the perspective home and determine their age, maintenance, and any potential issues.

Syracuse home inspection servicesWhat can go wrong with a furnace or other heating unit?  Age and rust are primary concerns.  A rusted furnace is not safe because there is the potential for fire as well as the possibility of leaking fumes that could pose a potential health risk. Old furnaces need to be replaced most likely prior to purchase at a cost to be negotiated between the current home owner and the potential buyer.

The electrical supply to the heating unit will also need to be evaluated for worn or frayed wiring, proper power supply, and leaks (either fuel or fumes), the last known maintenance of the furnace (usually the furnace repairmen will leave a notation when it was last serviced or repaired), and the overall condition of the pipes, connectors, firebox and surrounding area. There must be no combustible material near the heating unit, no fuel leaks on the floor, and the unit must be installed to code.

The code for your area may be different than for other areas or states.  A Syracuse home inspection services provider like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, will be fully aware of the heating unit codes and will advise you as to their adherence for this particular property.

Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

Buying a home or property is one of, if not THE, biggest investments you will ever make.  Having a knowledgeable, professional, and well-trained home inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse will make your potential purchase an informed one.

Syracuse home inspectorThere are many aspects to a home inspection. You don’t want to leave anything to chance or find out after you moved in that there is a problem of greater proportions than you can’t financially handle.  Mortgage companies and banks want to be sure that the property they are investing in by giving you the mortgage is one which will be a safe investment for them. They don’t want to loan money on a property with structural deficits, utility issues, or worn out core units.

Choose your home inspector in Syracuse with care.  DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with a timely and professional home inspection report for your next purchase.  Check out our web pages for more information

Inspecting Your Potential New Home’s Electrical System

If you are looking for a new home in the Syracuse area, there are many things to investigate to home inspections in Syracusebe sure your potential investment is a good one. Home inspection services in Syracuse provide the required home review for individuals, banks, mortgage companies, and insurance companies. The purpose of hiring a home inspector in Syracuse allows all parties to the purchase of the property to know and understand the condition of the home including the electrical system.

Our Syracuse home inspector takes great pride in producing a detailed report that notes all visible damage and concerns that may need to be addressed prior to your purchase of the home or if the new home buyer will need construction funds available to remedy the issues after purchase if the issues aren’t deal breakers.

Checking The Electrical System

In addition to reviewing the basic home’s structure, roof, foundation, plumbing and other areas of the property, the home inspector will carefully check out the electrical system including the wiring and circuit breaker box.

The electrical system begins with the entrance cables to the home which typically enter the property from the outside near the meter. The meter is checked to be sure it is a current meter and not an older type that could be damaged by wear and tear, weather, and other damage.

The entrance point of the power cables are checked to be sure the power supply is properly insulated (no worn cables) and that the area is properly sealed so as to prevent water and/or rain from entering the house and following the wiring down to the circuit box.

Next, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will review the electrical system inside the property. The inspector is looking for the type and age of the electrical system. If the outside meter is very old, the inspector is going to be looking for old wiring like the original knob and tube. This is a type of wiring was very common in the early 1900s and up until the 1940s. It consisted of a thin wire suspended along white ceramic tubes or posts and generally strung along the rafters in the basement and attic.

Knob and tube wiring is not approved as a functioning, safe or insurable wiring system. This requires a complete electrical system update before a bank will approve a mortgage or loan.  Over the years various types of Romex wiring has been used. Today’s wiring is generally covered in a white insulating material.

home inspection services in Syracuse

A Syracuse home inspector will then follow the wires, looking for wear, bare wires, and eventually will address the circuit box.  Originally, there were only fuse boxes which regulated the electricity entering the property and the wiring.  There were boxes that held two to six such fuses, which often blew out when overloaded­­­­.

Home Inspections in Syracuse

DiRaddo’s Home inspection services in Syracuse wants to provide you with a comprehensive and reliable report on the condition of your electrical system that Banks and mortgage loan originators can use to be assured that the circuit breaker box is in good condition. Our Syracuse home inspector will evaluate the circuit breaker box for rust (which would indicate water damage to the system) on both the exterior and interior of the box. They will look for bare wires, uncapped wire ends, and missing circuit breakers. Any of these items could require replacement prior to a purchase of the property being accepted.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services has many years of knowledge, experience and professionalism to do a home inspection for you should you be ready to pursue the purchase of a property. As your Syracuse home inspector, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will take the time to go through a detailed and unbiased home inspection that will give you an excellent understanding of the overall condition of your electrical system.  Be sure to use a qualified home inspector for all your property inspection needs.

What You Should Look For In Your Home Inspection Service

You’ve been looking at potential new homes for months on end. You’ve been through every neighborhood and seen too many properties to even keep straight in your head. Then finally, you found the perfect house. You love the neighborhood, the yard, the layout, the interior. You’re ready to buy, but wait! Have you decided on a home inspection service in Syracuse that will work hard to give you a true report on the condition of the house?

home inspection serviceMany people become so caught up in the house hunt that they neglect to have planned which Syracuse home inspector is the right one for them to use when inspecting their potential new home. So when the time comes to choose a home inspector to evaluate your favorite property, don’t leave the choice up to chance. And don’t agree to use the first one recommended by the the local realtor.

How To Choose a Home Inspector in Syracuse

Choosing the firm that will investigate, evaluate, and inspect your potential home is as serious a decision as using any other professional like your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, realtor or music teacher. No matter what reason you need a professional’s assistance for, you always want to research potential parties, review their websites, talk with friends and neighbors, search out testimonials, see their work if possible, and meet them face to face.

In New York, there are basic requirements for a person to become licenses as a home inspector.

Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent;
Education: Taken and successfully completed a course of study of not less than 140 hours approved by the Department. Of those hours, 40 must be unpaid field based inspections in the presence of and under direct supervision of a Home Inspector licensed by NYS, or a professional engineer or architect, regulated by NYS, or
• Have performed not less than 100 home inspections (paid or unpaid) in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a Home Inspector licensed by NYS, or a professional engineer or architect regulated by NYS,
Successful Completion of an Exam: Have passed the NYS written examination, or have taken and passed an existing nationally recognized examination, deemed equivalent, prior to December 31, 2005.
Freedom from Disqualifying Criminal Convictions
Application Fee: Each application must be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of $250; the license will be effective for 2 years.” (DOS – NYGOV )

 Evaluating a Home Inspection Service

A large proportion of home inspectors have a considerable background in the building and contracting trades. Perhaps they were carpenters, masons, plumbers, or builders earlier in life.  They took their skills, went on to obtain home inspection education, followed the guidelines required by the State, and obtained their license. Now, you know that if a potential home inspector is not licensed they are probably not supposed to be operating in New York State. Be sure to obtain proof of professional license with anyone who you wish to work with or hire for a home inspection.

home inspection serviceHome inspection services in Syracuse are easily found through a simple web search and you will be able to see and read about those professionals who have a web presence. It’s sort of an easy and discreet way to get a glimpse at the person you are considering hiring. Does their home inspection website provide you with plenty of information?  Are your questions addressed online?  Does the home inspection service explain what an inspection consists of, what you can expect, and are their qualifications prominently displayed?

In Syracuse, you may locate home inspectors through the telephone book or perhaps through a referral from a friend or colleague. No matter from whom the referral comes, or how you found the home inspector in Syracuse, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of your rights, knowledgeable in what to expect from a home inspection, and can feel assured that the firm you have chosen is reliable, trustworthy, and will provide an unbiased and truthful report.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service located in Syracuse, New York is available to discuss your home inspection needs and are willing to work with all home buyers within the Syracuse area.  When you’re ready for this major step in the home buying process, contact Ron at DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service to discuss how he can best work for you.



Top Four Items to Check During the Home Inspection Process

Buying a home is full of new experiences for the first-time home buyer. Even seasoned homeowners who are relocating or changing the size of their living space can easily be overwhelmed by the home buying process. In the Syracuse area, obtaining the expert services of a home inspector in Syracuse will make one part of the project much easier.

home inspection services in SyracuseHome inspections are required by many states and mortgage lenders in order for them to feel assured they are loaning money on a good risk and not one which could potentially have serious faults.  DiRaddo’s Home inspection services in Syracuse will take the time to evaluate your property from top to bottom (attic to basement), and will provide you with a detailed report as to the current condition of the property.

What To Look For In a Home Inspection

Although there are numerous areas that are evaluated within the report formulated by a home inspector, there are several areas that are perhaps the most important when it comes to the condition of the house.

  • Structural condition
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing System
  • Water Damage

Structural Condition

The structure, the main beams, joists, rafters, soffits, porches, decks, roof and foundation all fall under the structural condition of the property. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating the building for damage, weakness, rot, wear, cracks, and potential safety hazards.

If the structure shows signs of damage or weakness in key areas such as wooden beams or the stability of the foundation, these are expensive areas that need attention. Mortgage lenders are not willing to provide loans on properties that have major structural damage or that need costly repairs. Any information you obtain from the inspection can be used to negotiate with the seller to either lower the sales price or to remedy the issues prior to proceeding with your purchase plans.

Electrical System

Although most properties are now up to code for electrical standards, there are still a fair amount of homes built prior to the 1940s that may have outdated wiring. Today’s electricity demands require a minimum of a 100 amp service with preferably 200 amp to handle the load Home Inspection Services in Syracusetypical household’s place upon their system.

Older homes are the ones that tend to still have the original knob-and-tube wiring, which is easily distinguished by the white ceramic post (knobs) through which the electrical wiring is run.  These are extremely dangerous and are running usually on fuses rather than circuit breakers. Old wiring and fuse boxes are no longer acceptable in many areas and must be replaced.

It is also important to evaluate the circuit breaker box for signs of water damage. A tell-tale sign is rust on the exterior of the box and further inspection will most likely show significant water leakage entering the box from the main electrical lines. If the exterior of the house where the main electrical supply is not properly sealed, water and rain will follow the lines into the circuit box thus causing a significant hazard.

Plumbing System

Syracuse home inspections are done in a manner that does not take sides or play favorites.  The home inspector in Syracuse that you choose to evaluate your property is providing you an unbiased report in order that you may be fully aware of potential issues on the property.

When evaluating the plumbing system, your home inspector is looking for the material used in the pipes and drainage systems. Older homes may still have lead piping, though most homes have been updated to current plumbing code and standards.

If the home is in a rural area with a septic system on the property, it is of great importance to have the septic inspected for damage, to determine whether it needs cleaning/emptying, and to ensure that it is functioning properly and disposing of waste water through a viable leach field.

Damaged or poorly installed plumbing systems can lead to repeated water damage which then can destroy wood beams and the main structure of the house. Home inspection services pay close attention to the way in which the plumbing has been installed, whether it is up to current code, the size of the water pipes, drainage pipes, and the size of the septic system. Septic systems are usually constructed for a size to suit a particular number of bedrooms. If the septic system was built for a three-bedroom property, but the house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the system is not large enough to handle the load that will be placed on it. In such a case there may be a need to install a larger septic tank to bring the system up to code.

Water Damage

home inspection in SyracuseWhen preforming a home inspection in Syracuse, your inspector is looking for many possible issues including wet and dry rot. Rotting sills, beams, roof rafters, leaks in the basement, leaks from plumbing issues, leaks around the chimney due to missing or improperly installed flashing…these all are points of interest during a Syracuse home inspections.

Water damage could indicate many structural issues including worn roofing which is allowing rain and snow melt to enter the building framework, improperly installed chimney flashing which is allowing water to enter the building around the chimney, foundation cracks which allow water run-off or ground water to seep into the basement, and of course the resultant damage to the wood frame of the house.

Old water damage may also be evident wherein there are sections of the property that sustained heavy water damage or long-standing water damage particularly due to roof issues.  Perhaps the roof has been replaced and current water entrance is not an issue, but it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the wood beams, joists, and rafters in the areas where there was prior water damage. These sections may be rotted or otherwise damaged and need replacing.

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