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DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, Your Syracuse Area Home Inspector

Syracuse area home buyers are in good hands with DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services when it comes to¬† all their property purchasing needs. Buying a new home is an investment in your future and your family’s happiness. Your Syracuse area home inspector can find potential problems in the new house before your dream turns into a nightmare.

Properties for sale in the Syracuse area, as in any area, should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. Syracuse home inspections are necessary to determine that all the major equipment and visual portions of the house or property are in good condition and do not require repair or replacement.

Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

Syracuse home inspectorProperty purchasing can be a tricky process if you are trying to go it alone. Don’t leave your future home up to chance. A home inspector in Syracuse will make arrangements with the seller to access the property for sale and view the major systems and structure in and around the property. Home inspection services in Syracuse are required to examine only the visually apparent portions of the house. They do not take things apart, open up walls, or attempt to view hidden defects. You may need additional assistance from a contractor if you have any concerns, but a visual home inspection can spot potentially bigger hidden issues.

What Home Inspectors Look For

A Syracuse home inspector will visually examine the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems to assure they are working and up to code. They will determine if water damage to any of the systems is a concern, such as a rusted circuit breaker box. This would require a two-fold repair; stopping the water from entering and replacing the circuit box.

The heating system is examined for rust which could result in a weakened portion of the furnace (fire hazard) and for any fuel leaks that would require replacement of boiler parts or if significant would result in a total boiler replacement.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services have an extensive construction background and experience in the inspection of homes and properties in the Syracuse area. You, as the potential home buyer, have the responsibility to obtain such inspections as required by law, your lending agent, and for your own peace of mind.

Obtaining the services of a professional home inspector in Syracuse will bring out into the open any obvious deficits in the property that may need further inspection by specific contractors. So if there is obvious damage to the electrical system or a system that is not up to code, you need to obtain the services of a licensed electrician to detail the issues and provide you with an estimate to repair or replace the system.

Heating systems can be old and inefficient as well as damaged. If your Syracuse home inspector determines there is damage, leakage, or potential hazards associated with the boiler or other heating appliances, you will be well advised to obtain HVAC services to, again, determine the exact extent of damage and/or repairs needed.
Syracuse Area Home Inspector.

Syracuse Area Home Inspector

There are many facets to a home inspection that could make a big difference in whether you proceed to purchase a property, look deeper into potential issues, and/or cause you to walk away from the purchase.

Syracuse area home inspectorDiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is the Syracuse Area Home Inspector that you should call whenever you have a property you are beginning the process to purchase. Trust in their expertise and honest evaluations of the property in question. Their inspection reports are done as an unbiased onlooker who is reporting exactly what they see without prejudice to either party.

Your new home purchase is a major investment. Don’t be surprised by latent defects which could cost you thousands in unforeseen repairs. Obtain as many estimates and inspections as necessary to put your mind at ease before making your decision to buy.