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DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services and Radon Testing in the Syracuse Region

New home, old home, current home or new purchase….radon testing has become a must-do for all homeowners. In the Northeast with our vast amount of underground granite and other minerals, the disintegration of these produce radon which seeps into our homes.

Radon is a naturally occurring odorless gas that can reach extreme levels in some areas. Radon testing by DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with specialized knowledge and peace of mind. Radon, itself, is known to be a cancer-causing agent. A period of time of exposure can produce debilitating illness if the radon levels have gone untested.

radonThere is no way to know IF your home has a radon issue without radon testing from a Syracuse home inspector. The test is a simple procedure. The test kit is brought in (very small product) that is sterile until opened. The testing device is placed in the basement/cellar area and left undisturbed for a 24-hour period. The results are read my a laboratory specializing in radon testing.

The results of this test conducted through a Syracuse home inspection will tell you the current level of radon exposure in the lowest level of the home. Current understanding is that the radon level decreases by 50% for each floor above the basement level. If the basement is reading, let’s say, 3.0…then the first floor level would be approximately 1.5 and so forth. Any reading of over 4.0 requires a recommended mitigation unit to be installed. Your air quality is important to all inhabitants of your home, including pets.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services Provides Radon Testing

Radon testing is becoming a fairly standard recommended test for properties throughout the Syracuse region. Home inspections in Syracuse can provide you with up-to-date information about the effects of radon and your current risk of exposure.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services recommends radon testing for your current home and/or for any prospective property you are considering purchasing. Radon can enter any building, home, business or school. The majority of a person’s exposure is obtained at home where they spend the most time.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsA Syracuse home inspector is your professional and knowledgeable partner in keeping your family safe. Testing for radon levels is easily done and can provide you with specific information about the existence of this radioactive, cancer-causing gas and the exact levels obtained from the test kit.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services knows that radon is an issue in the Syracuse area and strongly recommends all home owners proceed in obtaining test results as soon as possible. The Surgeon General has concurred that radon exposure is the second leading cause of cancer here in the United States. It is imperative that you become aware of potential issues within your home.

Radon and/or Uranium in Water Supplies

As an added situation, where there is radon, there is likely to be a uranium exposure in the water supply. Again, another issue that has been around for years but only recently discovered as a potential health threatening agent.

Having a full and complete water test done is you use well or spring water is the next step in assuring safety for your family. Syracuse Radon inspector can provide water testing services or you may request testing materials from your State Department of Health and Human Services. Water testing is relatively inexpensive and provides significant information about the quality of your water.

There are several negative issues that could be affecting your water supply that you use for drinking, cooking, and washing. Uranium is only one issue that could be causing significant health issues. Contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to discuss when and how to proceed in testing your home for radon. The safety of your family is your primary concern. We are here to help.

Radon Testing For Your Home or Business

Radon is a radioactive cancer-causing gas that is prevalent in many areas of the country, particularly those areas with a large amount of granite underground.Our Home inspection services in Syracuse should be your number one choice to evaluate the potential for radon in your home or business.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsWhether you are buying, renting, or renovating a home, there is no way to know the level or existence of radon without doing a full test. Radon testing should be done by professionals with special monitors that are placed in your basement for a particular period of time.

Syracuse Home Inspections

Syracuse home inspections can be provided to individuals for both purchases and to provide peace of mind to anyone occupying a residence. Renters are encouraged to have their landlord or rental service agency provide a radon test and results. As a known cancer-causing gas that emits no warnings, smells, or any other type of obvious information to alert you, it is important to have a Syracuse Home Inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services consult with you personally and set up a testing appointment.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsThe  radon levels in your home may or may not be significant. Many homes and businesses in the Northeast are plagued with this gas which emits from the ground, into the property and often also into the water supply if a well is being used. The degeneration of below ground granite and other ground deterioration can produce various levels of radon throughout the year and seasons. A property which has been empty or closed up for a period of time may show higher levels than is typical for that property because of reduced airflow.

How to Obtain Radon Testing

When obtaining home inspection services in Syracuse, be sure to ask for a radon test. If the home has been empty and closed for a period of time, be sure to request the Syracuse home inspector to test after airing out the house sufficiently. Property owners and dwellers must be aware that ANY amount of radon can have serious side effects including cancer. There are radon mitigating systems that remove the radon gas from the property via a venting system. Most systems are now very affordable and often standard in the newer built homes due to the current understanding of radon gas in the local area.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Health

Syracuse home inspectionsA home inspector in Syracuse like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, can be your best choice in evaluating potential home purchases, reviewing rehab projects, and providing services to existing homeowners. Having a home inspection done is not just for home buyers. As a home owner, you want to know about your property, any issues that need to be addressed (rot, electrical system, heating system, roof, septic system…) and most importantly, you need to know about the potential for radon in the home.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with a detailed inspection including testing for radon in your property or potential property. Don’t leave things like this up to chance. There is no better way to be sure of your home or business location’s safety and needed upgrades.  Radon testing is a must-do these days, so contact a specialist to provide you with needed information.