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DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, Your Syracuse Area Home Inspector

Syracuse area home buyers are in good hands with DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services when it comes to  all their property purchasing needs. Buying a new home is an investment in your future and your family’s happiness. Your Syracuse area home inspector can find potential problems in the new house before your dream turns into a nightmare.

Properties for sale in the Syracuse area, as in any area, should be thoroughly inspected by an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. Syracuse home inspections are necessary to determine that all the major equipment and visual portions of the house or property are in good condition and do not require repair or replacement.

Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

Syracuse home inspectorProperty purchasing can be a tricky process if you are trying to go it alone. Don’t leave your future home up to chance. A home inspector in Syracuse will make arrangements with the seller to access the property for sale and view the major systems and structure in and around the property. Home inspection services in Syracuse are required to examine only the visually apparent portions of the house. They do not take things apart, open up walls, or attempt to view hidden defects. You may need additional assistance from a contractor if you have any concerns, but a visual home inspection can spot potentially bigger hidden issues.

What Home Inspectors Look For

A Syracuse home inspector will visually examine the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems to assure they are working and up to code. They will determine if water damage to any of the systems is a concern, such as a rusted circuit breaker box. This would require a two-fold repair; stopping the water from entering and replacing the circuit box.

The heating system is examined for rust which could result in a weakened portion of the furnace (fire hazard) and for any fuel leaks that would require replacement of boiler parts or if significant would result in a total boiler replacement.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services have an extensive construction background and experience in the inspection of homes and properties in the Syracuse area. You, as the potential home buyer, have the responsibility to obtain such inspections as required by law, your lending agent, and for your own peace of mind.

Obtaining the services of a professional home inspector in Syracuse will bring out into the open any obvious deficits in the property that may need further inspection by specific contractors. So if there is obvious damage to the electrical system or a system that is not up to code, you need to obtain the services of a licensed electrician to detail the issues and provide you with an estimate to repair or replace the system.

Heating systems can be old and inefficient as well as damaged. If your Syracuse home inspector determines there is damage, leakage, or potential hazards associated with the boiler or other heating appliances, you will be well advised to obtain HVAC services to, again, determine the exact extent of damage and/or repairs needed.
Syracuse Area Home Inspector.

Syracuse Area Home Inspector

There are many facets to a home inspection that could make a big difference in whether you proceed to purchase a property, look deeper into potential issues, and/or cause you to walk away from the purchase.

Syracuse area home inspectorDiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is the Syracuse Area Home Inspector that you should call whenever you have a property you are beginning the process to purchase. Trust in their expertise and honest evaluations of the property in question. Their inspection reports are done as an unbiased onlooker who is reporting exactly what they see without prejudice to either party.

Your new home purchase is a major investment. Don’t be surprised by latent defects which could cost you thousands in unforeseen repairs. Obtain as many estimates and inspections as necessary to put your mind at ease before making your decision to buy.

Radon Testing For Your Home or Business

Radon is a radioactive cancer-causing gas that is prevalent in many areas of the country, particularly those areas with a large amount of granite underground.Our Home inspection services in Syracuse should be your number one choice to evaluate the potential for radon in your home or business.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsWhether you are buying, renting, or renovating a home, there is no way to know the level or existence of radon without doing a full test. Radon testing should be done by professionals with special monitors that are placed in your basement for a particular period of time.

Syracuse Home Inspections

Syracuse home inspections can be provided to individuals for both purchases and to provide peace of mind to anyone occupying a residence. Renters are encouraged to have their landlord or rental service agency provide a radon test and results. As a known cancer-causing gas that emits no warnings, smells, or any other type of obvious information to alert you, it is important to have a Syracuse Home Inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services consult with you personally and set up a testing appointment.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsThe  radon levels in your home may or may not be significant. Many homes and businesses in the Northeast are plagued with this gas which emits from the ground, into the property and often also into the water supply if a well is being used. The degeneration of below ground granite and other ground deterioration can produce various levels of radon throughout the year and seasons. A property which has been empty or closed up for a period of time may show higher levels than is typical for that property because of reduced airflow.

How to Obtain Radon Testing

When obtaining home inspection services in Syracuse, be sure to ask for a radon test. If the home has been empty and closed for a period of time, be sure to request the Syracuse home inspector to test after airing out the house sufficiently. Property owners and dwellers must be aware that ANY amount of radon can have serious side effects including cancer. There are radon mitigating systems that remove the radon gas from the property via a venting system. Most systems are now very affordable and often standard in the newer built homes due to the current understanding of radon gas in the local area.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Health

Syracuse home inspectionsA home inspector in Syracuse like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, can be your best choice in evaluating potential home purchases, reviewing rehab projects, and providing services to existing homeowners. Having a home inspection done is not just for home buyers. As a home owner, you want to know about your property, any issues that need to be addressed (rot, electrical system, heating system, roof, septic system…) and most importantly, you need to know about the potential for radon in the home.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with a detailed inspection including testing for radon in your property or potential property. Don’t leave things like this up to chance. There is no better way to be sure of your home or business location’s safety and needed upgrades.  Radon testing is a must-do these days, so contact a specialist to provide you with needed information.

Home Inspection Services: Checking the Home’s Heating System

Have you found the property of your dreams? It’s a long process to locate the exact home that you and your family want to live in, this is when your Syracuse home inspector becomes your best friend. Home inspection services in Syracuse can provide you and your family with peace of mind and confidence in your potential purchase through their knowledge and professionalism in investigating that special property.

home inspection services SyracuseHome inspections not only are required by mortgage companies, but also should be required by you, the home buyer. As a home buyer, you want and need to know all there is about your potential new home.

Syracuse home inspections can take the unknown issues out of hiding and give you a complete evaluation of the property. Older homes may or may not have been kept up and properly maintained.  Antique houses (anything built in the early 1900’s) can still have original systems in place (electrical, plumbing, heating), and this age can affect the structure’s condition significantly.

Why check the homes heating system?

Of all the basic utilities in the house, the heating system is one of the core and basic needs especially in the Northeast. Your Syracuse home inspector will thoroughly review the current heating elements of the perspective home and determine their age, maintenance, and any potential issues.

Syracuse home inspection servicesWhat can go wrong with a furnace or other heating unit?  Age and rust are primary concerns.  A rusted furnace is not safe because there is the potential for fire as well as the possibility of leaking fumes that could pose a potential health risk. Old furnaces need to be replaced most likely prior to purchase at a cost to be negotiated between the current home owner and the potential buyer.

The electrical supply to the heating unit will also need to be evaluated for worn or frayed wiring, proper power supply, and leaks (either fuel or fumes), the last known maintenance of the furnace (usually the furnace repairmen will leave a notation when it was last serviced or repaired), and the overall condition of the pipes, connectors, firebox and surrounding area. There must be no combustible material near the heating unit, no fuel leaks on the floor, and the unit must be installed to code.

The code for your area may be different than for other areas or states.  A Syracuse home inspection services provider like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, will be fully aware of the heating unit codes and will advise you as to their adherence for this particular property.

Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

Buying a home or property is one of, if not THE, biggest investments you will ever make.  Having a knowledgeable, professional, and well-trained home inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse will make your potential purchase an informed one.

Syracuse home inspectorThere are many aspects to a home inspection. You don’t want to leave anything to chance or find out after you moved in that there is a problem of greater proportions than you can’t financially handle.  Mortgage companies and banks want to be sure that the property they are investing in by giving you the mortgage is one which will be a safe investment for them. They don’t want to loan money on a property with structural deficits, utility issues, or worn out core units.

Choose your home inspector in Syracuse with care.  DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with a timely and professional home inspection report for your next purchase.  Check out our web pages for more information

Checking for Mold in your Potential New Home

Buying a new home is a major decision and involves many steps and inspections, if you are looking at homes in the Syracuse area, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services offers experienced professional Home inspections services in Syracuse and they are availableSyracuse Home Inspections, Home Inspector in Syracusee to help you make the best decision about the condition of your potential new home.

In this article we are going to look at how to determine if there is mold in a potential property, the hazards involved and how to best deal with this situation. A home inspector in Syracuse such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, LLC will carefully go through the entire property you are interested in and will give you a full description of potential issues, including the presence of mold.

Mold Grows Where There is Moisture

Mold can be an insidious and particularly hazardous invasion of a property. You’ve probably heard of the dangers of “black mold,” but this is not the only mold that can cause significant health related issues to you and your family. All molds (and there are over 100 different varieties) have the potential to cause health issues and significant damage to homes.

Whether the house you are looking at is current inhabited or has been closed up for years, the probability of mold growing in the home is quite high in our Northeastern climate. You need a Syracuse home inspector to conduct a thorough and complete inspection of the property you would like to purchase because having a home inspection done is your best method in making a wise decision.

Mold grows where there is moisture. Moisture can come from common situations such as no exhaust fans in the bathroom, causing moisture to settle in the walls, corners and flooring.  Moisture can also come from leaks in the pipes, foundation or roofing. Our home inspector in Syracuse can locate potential areas of mold growth whether in the main part of the house or in the basement (cellar).

Common Mold Growth Areas

  • Mold can be found in many places as you can imagine.  Some of the most common areas are
  • Flooring (carpeting and under linoleum)
  • Ceilings
  • Drywall
  • Under sinks
  • Around floor boards
  • Basements (due to leaks either from pipes or foundation cracks)
  • Attics (from leaky roofs)

Water damage is often the main cause of mold growth within a home.  The water damage could be from a long-term leak from a pipe joint, a crack in the foundation allowing ground water to seep in, or an intense amount of water from a flood/broken pipe/clogged drains.

Syracuse Home Inspections

There’s no doubt about it. Mold can be found in almost any property and needs to be found sooner rather than later saving you a large financial investment and headaches down the road.  Our Syracuse home inspector can tell you if there is mold in a particular property you’re interested in just by visual inspection. What you do from there on is your choice, but removal of the mold must be accomplished, and preferably by a professional mold remediation mitigator.

mold inspection services in Syracuse Our Home inspection services expert in Syracuse can explain the extent of the mold situation and direct you to the professionals in your area that can solve these issues. You may want to call them and ask them to evaluate the type and level of mold that is in the property.

Cleaning up mold is not the job of a home inspection service, but they are hired to provide you with a detailed an accurate report of potential hazards in the home.  DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, LLC is your premier home inspector in Syracuse and can set up an appointment with you to evaluate a property you’re interested in buying, or even to check over your current home.

Be sure to ask your home inspection service to include a mold evaluation in their inspection report.  The health of you and your family could well be at stake.

Top Four Items to Check During the Home Inspection Process

Buying a home is full of new experiences for the first-time home buyer. Even seasoned homeowners who are relocating or changing the size of their living space can easily be overwhelmed by the home buying process. In the Syracuse area, obtaining the expert services of a home inspector in Syracuse will make one part of the project much easier.

home inspection services in SyracuseHome inspections are required by many states and mortgage lenders in order for them to feel assured they are loaning money on a good risk and not one which could potentially have serious faults.  DiRaddo’s Home inspection services in Syracuse will take the time to evaluate your property from top to bottom (attic to basement), and will provide you with a detailed report as to the current condition of the property.

What To Look For In a Home Inspection

Although there are numerous areas that are evaluated within the report formulated by a home inspector, there are several areas that are perhaps the most important when it comes to the condition of the house.

  • Structural condition
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing System
  • Water Damage

Structural Condition

The structure, the main beams, joists, rafters, soffits, porches, decks, roof and foundation all fall under the structural condition of the property. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating the building for damage, weakness, rot, wear, cracks, and potential safety hazards.

If the structure shows signs of damage or weakness in key areas such as wooden beams or the stability of the foundation, these are expensive areas that need attention. Mortgage lenders are not willing to provide loans on properties that have major structural damage or that need costly repairs. Any information you obtain from the inspection can be used to negotiate with the seller to either lower the sales price or to remedy the issues prior to proceeding with your purchase plans.

Electrical System

Although most properties are now up to code for electrical standards, there are still a fair amount of homes built prior to the 1940s that may have outdated wiring. Today’s electricity demands require a minimum of a 100 amp service with preferably 200 amp to handle the load Home Inspection Services in Syracusetypical household’s place upon their system.

Older homes are the ones that tend to still have the original knob-and-tube wiring, which is easily distinguished by the white ceramic post (knobs) through which the electrical wiring is run.  These are extremely dangerous and are running usually on fuses rather than circuit breakers. Old wiring and fuse boxes are no longer acceptable in many areas and must be replaced.

It is also important to evaluate the circuit breaker box for signs of water damage. A tell-tale sign is rust on the exterior of the box and further inspection will most likely show significant water leakage entering the box from the main electrical lines. If the exterior of the house where the main electrical supply is not properly sealed, water and rain will follow the lines into the circuit box thus causing a significant hazard.

Plumbing System

Syracuse home inspections are done in a manner that does not take sides or play favorites.  The home inspector in Syracuse that you choose to evaluate your property is providing you an unbiased report in order that you may be fully aware of potential issues on the property.

When evaluating the plumbing system, your home inspector is looking for the material used in the pipes and drainage systems. Older homes may still have lead piping, though most homes have been updated to current plumbing code and standards.

If the home is in a rural area with a septic system on the property, it is of great importance to have the septic inspected for damage, to determine whether it needs cleaning/emptying, and to ensure that it is functioning properly and disposing of waste water through a viable leach field.

Damaged or poorly installed plumbing systems can lead to repeated water damage which then can destroy wood beams and the main structure of the house. Home inspection services pay close attention to the way in which the plumbing has been installed, whether it is up to current code, the size of the water pipes, drainage pipes, and the size of the septic system. Septic systems are usually constructed for a size to suit a particular number of bedrooms. If the septic system was built for a three-bedroom property, but the house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the system is not large enough to handle the load that will be placed on it. In such a case there may be a need to install a larger septic tank to bring the system up to code.

Water Damage

home inspection in SyracuseWhen preforming a home inspection in Syracuse, your inspector is looking for many possible issues including wet and dry rot. Rotting sills, beams, roof rafters, leaks in the basement, leaks from plumbing issues, leaks around the chimney due to missing or improperly installed flashing…these all are points of interest during a Syracuse home inspections.

Water damage could indicate many structural issues including worn roofing which is allowing rain and snow melt to enter the building framework, improperly installed chimney flashing which is allowing water to enter the building around the chimney, foundation cracks which allow water run-off or ground water to seep into the basement, and of course the resultant damage to the wood frame of the house.

Old water damage may also be evident wherein there are sections of the property that sustained heavy water damage or long-standing water damage particularly due to roof issues.  Perhaps the roof has been replaced and current water entrance is not an issue, but it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the wood beams, joists, and rafters in the areas where there was prior water damage. These sections may be rotted or otherwise damaged and need replacing.

Your Syracuse Home Inspector is DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

In Syracuse, New York, you have the expert, knowledgeable and professional services available to you from DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services. Home inspection services in Syracuse is a necessary and in-demand evaluation on any property you wish to purchase. You need to be fully aware of the current condition of any property you have an interest in, and the potential repairs that will need to be made within a short period of time in order that you can plan accordingly.  Call the experts when you are ready to purchase a property and let us help you through the home inspection process.