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Longtime Home Owners Need Home Inspections Too

When you think of home inspections, you typical think of new home purchases. As you go through the buying process and work with a lender, there are several inspections that need to be done. Home inspections in Syracuse are important to the overall purchase of thome inspections in Syracusehe property.

But, longtime homeowners need home inspections as well. This may come as a surprise, but no matter how well you maintain your home, there can be issues that you don’t see. Time, weather, wear and tear, all contribute to the structural and internal systems of your home. The longer you’ve owned your property, the more important it is to contact your Syracuse home inspector to come out an evaluate your home.

What Types of Things Do Home Inspections Include?

Contrary to myth, home inspections do not see every little thing that could be wrong with a house. A Syracuse home inspector is required to observe and inspect the visible structural aspects of a home and the internal operating systems such as plumbing, heating and electric service.

Home inspection services in Syracuse are available through DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services serving Syracuse and the surrounding area. You can be assured that your home will be properly inspected by a licensed and certified home inspector with an extensive construction background. This is very important when considering who to hire to review your property for possible issues.

What Are Visible Structural Points?

A home inspector is not able to open up walls to view interior areas. They are not able to pull down ceiling tiles to determine exactly where water damage might be coming from. They will not test any portion of your utilities, but an inspector can note obvious and visible damage.

What a Syracuse home inspector can do is view the roof for obvious damage, the soffits and eaves for rot, the foundation for cracks and/or leaks. Home inspections include the evaluation of exterior structures like porches, patios, and decks, as well as a garage or similar attached structure.

Interior wise, the home inspections include visual notations of roof rafters in the attic space (if accessible), floors (looking for unusual discrepancies in the levelness), wall stability, basement and foundation for cracks, or water damage.

These structural issues, if not repaired in time, can result in significant damage and deterioration to the property. Your home inspections services in Syracuse will provide you with a complete report on the visible portions of your home for your review. It’s then up to you to determine what needs to be done. The home inspector cannot provide repair suggestions or estimates. You must obtain your own contractor to provide those to you.

In House Utilities

The utility systems in your home do, indeed, age and deteriorate over time. A Syracuse home inspection will include a review of your plumbing, heating and electrical utilities. Again, only on visible components. Home inspections do not attempt to see if the system works. They are merely looking at obvious damage or potential issues.

The plumbing is observed for proper pipe material (older homes may still have old piping that may need to be replaced for health reasons), leaking joints, missing valve handles and any other obvious issues.

The electrical system is inspected to ascertain it is up to code, proper wiring is in place, no bare wires or open junction boxes, and the circuit breaker box will be inspected for possible water damage and/or rust.

home inspectionsThe heating system is primarily checked to see that the furnace or boiler is in good operating condition. That there are no signs of rust in areas that could potentially cause damage, and that there are no leaks around the boiler and/or oil storage tank.

Know Your Home

Home inspections are equally valuable to current homeowners and buyers alike. It is important to ascertain the current condition of your property in order that appropriate steps may be taken to prevent further damage or possible property loss from faulty utilities.

Take the time this spring to contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for your full, complete and experienced home inspection report.

Home Inspection Issues Associated With the Finger Lakes

One of the most beautiful areas in New York (the Finger Lakes) is subject to harsh weather throughout the year. Home inspections in Syracuse are part of this beautiful region and DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide potential home buyers with the necessary services when considering purchasing a property in our area.

Weather is the number one cause of interior and structural damage to properties in the Finger Lakes area. Heavy snow and ice in the winter, high winds, and scorching summer heat can affect a property in many ways.

Syracuse Home Inspector – DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

home inspectionServicing the Finger Lakes area is your Syracuse home inspector, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, we can provide a thorough review of the property in question and assist you in making an appropriate decision during the purchasing process.

If you are researching the possibility of a home purchase in the Syracuse and surrounding areas, be sure to obtain a home inspection. A home inspector will evaluate the structural, interior, and mechanical utilities to determine the current condition of the property. You need this information to make a wise choice and decide whether to move forward with negotiations.

What Do Home Inspections in Syracuse Consist Of?

As with any properly done home inspection, a Syracuse home inspector will come out to evaluate the property. Once you have decided on your potential new property, contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to do the property inspection for you.

Syracuse home inspections are particularly intense due to the severe weather conditions. The home inspector needs to be well versed in the potential issues associated with the homes in the Finger Lakes region.

Home inspections in Syracuse consist of viewing and commenting on the following features:

Roofing material conditions
Exterior walls and paint
Exterior soffits, fascia, eaves, wooden areas, porches, decks
Entry areas for electricity, fuel, and wiring
Garages – roof, exterior siding, soffits, fascia, foundation
Foundation materials and conditions
Interior rafters and beams
Floor conditions
Any signs of water damage
Electrical system (wiring and circuit breaker box)
Heating system (furnace or boiler)
Plumbing (piping, leaks, water damage resulting from leaking pipes)
Radon testing (very important in the Finger Lakes region)

Other services may be provided depending on the Syracuse home inspector you obtain for your property inspection.

What a Home Inspection Does Not Include

home inspectionAlthough you can expect a detailed report of the various important parts of the property, a home inspector cannot (nor should they) provide recommendations or estimates to repair. That is your responsibility to research further into the cost to repair or replace. You may also determine that the necessary repairs will affect your negotiations and property purchase. The lender, who is a huge partner in your potential purchase, will want to be assured that the property in question is a good risk and will withstand the length of the mortgage with normal wear and tear.

If you, perchance, find a property you are determined to purchase, knowing the current condition of the home will be advantageous in your process of negotiation. The Finger Lakes properties should be carefully inspected for water damage, rot, foundation cracks, roof damage and wear, and other items as we previously listed.

Syracuse home inspections can provide you with much needed information about your potential purchase. Always be sure to obtain the services of an experienced, licensed, and reputable home inspector. His/her report is what you will be relying on to move forward with a home purchase in the Finger Lakes region.  Contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for an appointment when you are ready for your next purchase.

Why Home Buyers Need a Quality Syracuse Home Inspector

Home buyers are out in force as the market continues to provide buyers with an excellent market in which to purchase property. Home inspections in Syracuse are in great demand by home buyers, banks, and mortgagors so obtaining a quality Syracuse home inspector is worth your time to research each prospective home inspection service for knowledge, professionalism, reliability in their work, and positive remarks about their service.


Syracuse home inspectorLike everything else we do in this world, from choosing our doctors, dentists, auto mechanic, furnace serviceman, plumber, and veterinarian, choosing the Syracuse home inspector with the best reputation is of primary importance to your home purchase.

Regardless of the protocols required by your bank or mortgage holder, you, as a home buyer, need to be knowledgeable about the true condition of the property you wish to purchase. Not only will this information provide you with the current condition, but any repairs that are immediate in nature can be negotiated with the seller of the property. You will also learn about potential future repairs that you will need to take into consideration.

Every area of the home is of importance and when you hire a home inspection services in Syracuse. The home inspector will evaluate the condition of the utilities (plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning). The firm will review the basic structure, looking for rot, water damage, and unsafe conditions. The roof of the home will be viewed and the current expected life span will be noted. Roof coverings have a finite lifespan so you will want to know if the roof needs immediate attention or has another 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

A Syracuse home inspector can give you peace of mind when it comes to examining a potential property that you wish to buy. The mortgage and the bank have certain requirements that must be ascertained prior to them lending money to purchase a property. Many states actually require that home buyers obtain a home inspection prior to closing. Be sure to know the regulations and laws of your state.


In Syracuse, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is one of the premier home inspection services available.  With an extensive background, Ron DiRaddo will gladly provide you with a detailed and organized report concerning the current condition of your potential new home.

Syracuse home inspectorBuying a home or property is one of the largest and most important life decisions you could make there are many homes on the market with lurking issues and problems that without having a proper home inspection done, could slip through the cracks and become a serious liability to a potential buyer.

Purchasing a home without the benefits of a Syracuse home inspector can leave you in a sea of problems resulting from poorly installed utilities, rotting sills and weight-bearing beams, inadequately vented solid fuel burning appliances, cracked or damaged chimneys, damaged roofing material and dangerous structural defects that would otherwise not be seen without a trained eye on the case.

Make your potential purchase an informed one, in the Syracuse area, reach out to DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to schedule a home inspection consultation today. Be ready with your preferred home inspector on stand-by for when you find the perfect property that you want to buy.