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DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services and Radon Testing in the Syracuse Region

New home, old home, current home or new purchase….radon testing has become a must-do for all homeowners. In the Northeast with our vast amount of underground granite and other minerals, the disintegration of these produce radon which seeps into our homes.

Radon is a naturally occurring odorless gas that can reach extreme levels in some areas. Radon testing by DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services can provide you with specialized knowledge and peace of mind. Radon, itself, is known to be a cancer-causing agent. A period of time of exposure can produce debilitating illness if the radon levels have gone untested.

radonThere is no way to know IF your home has a radon issue without radon testing from a Syracuse home inspector. The test is a simple procedure. The test kit is brought in (very small product) that is sterile until opened. The testing device is placed in the basement/cellar area and left undisturbed for a 24-hour period. The results are read my a laboratory specializing in radon testing.

The results of this test conducted through a Syracuse home inspection will tell you the current level of radon exposure in the lowest level of the home. Current understanding is that the radon level decreases by 50% for each floor above the basement level. If the basement is reading, let’s say, 3.0…then the first floor level would be approximately 1.5 and so forth. Any reading of over 4.0 requires a recommended mitigation unit to be installed. Your air quality is important to all inhabitants of your home, including pets.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services Provides Radon Testing

Radon testing is becoming a fairly standard recommended test for properties throughout the Syracuse region. Home inspections in Syracuse can provide you with up-to-date information about the effects of radon and your current risk of exposure.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services recommends radon testing for your current home and/or for any prospective property you are considering purchasing. Radon can enter any building, home, business or school. The majority of a person’s exposure is obtained at home where they spend the most time.

radon testing Syracuse home inspectionsA Syracuse home inspector is your professional and knowledgeable partner in keeping your family safe. Testing for radon levels is easily done and can provide you with specific information about the existence of this radioactive, cancer-causing gas and the exact levels obtained from the test kit.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services knows that radon is an issue in the Syracuse area and strongly recommends all home owners proceed in obtaining test results as soon as possible. The Surgeon General has concurred that radon exposure is the second leading cause of cancer here in the United States. It is imperative that you become aware of potential issues within your home.

Radon and/or Uranium in Water Supplies

As an added situation, where there is radon, there is likely to be a uranium exposure in the water supply. Again, another issue that has been around for years but only recently discovered as a potential health threatening agent.

Having a full and complete water test done is you use well or spring water is the next step in assuring safety for your family. Syracuse Radon inspector can provide water testing services or you may request testing materials from your State Department of Health and Human Services. Water testing is relatively inexpensive and provides significant information about the quality of your water.

There are several negative issues that could be affecting your water supply that you use for drinking, cooking, and washing. Uranium is only one issue that could be causing significant health issues. Contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to discuss when and how to proceed in testing your home for radon. The safety of your family is your primary concern. We are here to help.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse is your Home Inspection Experts

Property buyers struggle with the idea that a home inspection is necessary during the home purchasing process. Obtaining a professional and knowledgeable home inspector such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse is your best investment. A Syracuse home inspector works directly for you as a third-party inspector and at the same time providing you with an impartial report of the property’s condition.

home inspection services in SyracuseThis may seem like just an unnecessary step to have to pay for and take, but the information that can be obtained from home inspections in Syracuse by a well-training inspector can mean the world of difference between a bad purchase and a good one.

Why Choose A Syracuse Home Inspector

Buying a property, whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned one, is a huge investment. As a buyer, it is not always possible to see all the major portions of the house nor know what to look for and where. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is available to evaluate your potential new home and go through the entire property making notations of the condition of all the systems and structure.

A Syracuse Home Inspector is charged with providing the most accurate and detailed information on the visible portions of the home and systems. He or she will take the time to inspect exterior and interior conditions, looking specifically for code violations, water damage, rot, insect infestations, roofing condition, heating, plumbing and electric systems, as well as chimney conditions, and foundation stability.

An older home may present some challenges for a new homeowner, and learning about what needs attention BEFORE buying, will assist you both in negotiating a sales price and planning for needed upgrades or repairs. Failing to obtain home inspections in Syracuse can leave you in a position of having extensive repairs that you may not have been aware of. This could turn a happy purchase into a nightmare.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services in Syracuse

In the Syracuse area there is a fairly busy buying season upon us. Home inspectors in Syracuse are busy keeping up with the demand for home inspections. Be sure to obtain recommendations from friends, family, and do your own research into which home inspector to contract with.

home inspection services in SyracuseDiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services provide years of experience in the construction field, knowledgeable and professional services direct to you. Your choice of a Syracuse home inspector should take into consideration the experience, background and certification of the firm you decide to work with.

The accuracy of the home inspection report gives you reliable information with which to make your decision as to purchase, negotiation, or ending the process for the particular property. You need to know the actual issues that may be associated with the property of interest. Syracuse home inspections are necessary to protect consumers and lenders in making strong and stable investments.

Home Inspection Expert in Syracuse

Your future property or home is one of the largest long-term investments you will make in your lifetime. Experts in home inspections recommend that you research the backgrounds and expertise of the Syracuse home inspectors in order to choose the best firm for your needs.

Choosing DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will provide you with exactly the service and reliability you need during this sales and purchase period. Your lender wants to be assured that their investment in lending you the mortgage is also going to be satisfactory. A property that is in need of expensive repairs (replacing heating. Electrical, plumbing systems or repair of the structure itself) can run into thousands of dollars. Structural defects can run those estimates far above what either you, the buyer, can afford or the lender is able to take the risk on.

Home inspections in Syracuse by DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will ease your mind and prevent any major surprises. Contact us to set up a time to evaluate your potential property. We look forward to your business and providing you with an accurate report.

Thinking About Buying a New Home? When Should you Contact a Home Inspector

If you follow the local real estate market listings, you’ll see that homes are being listed, pending, and sold in fairly short order in the Syracuse area. This kind of market will keep a Syracuse home inspector busy and in demand to provide quality inspections of properties in your area.

There’s nothing like the pleasant spring weather to bring out the buyers and encourage the sellers to list properties in the Syracuse area. Across the country, the market seems to be moving a bit quicker than in years past. Perhaps you, too, are looking to purchase a new property?

Syracuse Home Inspector

home inspection in SyracuseWhat is a home inspector and what do they do, is an often asked question. Syracuse home inspections should be conducted by a licensed, experienced and knowledgeable firm or individual. Their job is to visually inspect the property at question. Visually means that they can only report on what they can see and cannot look into the walls, behind sheet rock, under floors, or anywhere else that would require moving something out of the way.

Home inspections are typically requested by a potential property buyer in accordance with their mortgage lender’s requirements. Hiring a Syracuse home inspector is the buyer’s responsibility, so doing some research ahead of time to decide whom to use would be a wise expense of your time.

Home Inspections in Syracuse

Once you’ve found a home that you like, have submitted a Purchase and Sales Agreement, and your offer has been accepted along with contingencies (of which having a favorable home inspection report may be one), this is the time to get started.

Contact your Syracuse home inspector that you’ve decided to use on the properties you have the strongest interest in. Set an appointment for your chosen firm to meet at the property to conduct the home inspection. At the appointment, the home inspector will walk around the outside of the home and outbuildings making note of any exterior issues.

Exterior points of interest are roofing, eaves, soffits, windows, porches, decks, railings, and where the electric power enters the house. Syracuse home inspections require an extensively knowledgeable person to be able to know which particular areas are most susceptible to damage, wear and tear, and rot.

home inspection serviceAfter examining the exterior, your home inspector will continue his evaluation inside the house. He/she will again be looking for obvious/visual issues with the interior walls, ceilings, windows, doors, heating units (including woodstoves and fireplaces), electrical system, and plumbing system.

Use a Reputable Home Inspection Service

Your future home is going to be one of the largest purchases you will make. Having chosen a professional home inspector will help make the purchase a good one…or it will give you information that may cause you to consider whether the investment is a good choice.

Some inspections may show an extensive issue with water damage from rotting areas (as in older homes), leaking roof (which can cause significant interior damage to rafters), heat/electric/water systems that are outdated or ill-functioning.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is your Syracuse home inspector who is knowledgeable and experienced in your area. Requesting a home inspection be done as soon as your offer has been accepted is an integral part of the purchasing process. Get the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your purchase, and get peace of mind as to the conditions you can expect to deal with.

Longtime Home Owners Need Home Inspections Too

When you think of home inspections, you typical think of new home purchases. As you go through the buying process and work with a lender, there are several inspections that need to be done. Home inspections in Syracuse are important to the overall purchase of thome inspections in Syracusehe property.

But, longtime homeowners need home inspections as well. This may come as a surprise, but no matter how well you maintain your home, there can be issues that you don’t see. Time, weather, wear and tear, all contribute to the structural and internal systems of your home. The longer you’ve owned your property, the more important it is to contact your Syracuse home inspector to come out an evaluate your home.

What Types of Things Do Home Inspections Include?

Contrary to myth, home inspections do not see every little thing that could be wrong with a house. A Syracuse home inspector is required to observe and inspect the visible structural aspects of a home and the internal operating systems such as plumbing, heating and electric service.

Home inspection services in Syracuse are available through DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services serving Syracuse and the surrounding area. You can be assured that your home will be properly inspected by a licensed and certified home inspector with an extensive construction background. This is very important when considering who to hire to review your property for possible issues.

What Are Visible Structural Points?

A home inspector is not able to open up walls to view interior areas. They are not able to pull down ceiling tiles to determine exactly where water damage might be coming from. They will not test any portion of your utilities, but an inspector can note obvious and visible damage.

What a Syracuse home inspector can do is view the roof for obvious damage, the soffits and eaves for rot, the foundation for cracks and/or leaks. Home inspections include the evaluation of exterior structures like porches, patios, and decks, as well as a garage or similar attached structure.

Interior wise, the home inspections include visual notations of roof rafters in the attic space (if accessible), floors (looking for unusual discrepancies in the levelness), wall stability, basement and foundation for cracks, or water damage.

These structural issues, if not repaired in time, can result in significant damage and deterioration to the property. Your home inspections services in Syracuse will provide you with a complete report on the visible portions of your home for your review. It’s then up to you to determine what needs to be done. The home inspector cannot provide repair suggestions or estimates. You must obtain your own contractor to provide those to you.

In House Utilities

The utility systems in your home do, indeed, age and deteriorate over time. A Syracuse home inspection will include a review of your plumbing, heating and electrical utilities. Again, only on visible components. Home inspections do not attempt to see if the system works. They are merely looking at obvious damage or potential issues.

The plumbing is observed for proper pipe material (older homes may still have old piping that may need to be replaced for health reasons), leaking joints, missing valve handles and any other obvious issues.

The electrical system is inspected to ascertain it is up to code, proper wiring is in place, no bare wires or open junction boxes, and the circuit breaker box will be inspected for possible water damage and/or rust.

home inspectionsThe heating system is primarily checked to see that the furnace or boiler is in good operating condition. That there are no signs of rust in areas that could potentially cause damage, and that there are no leaks around the boiler and/or oil storage tank.

Know Your Home

Home inspections are equally valuable to current homeowners and buyers alike. It is important to ascertain the current condition of your property in order that appropriate steps may be taken to prevent further damage or possible property loss from faulty utilities.

Take the time this spring to contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for your full, complete and experienced home inspection report.

Schedule your Syracuse Area Home Inspection with DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services

Whether you are buying, selling or remodeling a home, your Syracuse area home inspection professional will provide you with a detailed report about the visible condition of the property. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services provides expert home inspections in Syracuse and the surrounding areas.

Property purchasing is a huge investment of time, money, and should be done with the utmost care. There can be significant defects in a property that you, the buyer, may not notice or have knowledge of. Typically, buyers are focused on buying a home for their family and do not possess the construction and system knowledge to be able to adequately evaluate the property in question.

Home Inspection Services

Syracuse area home inspectionIn the process of making an offer on a home, going to your lender, and getting excited about the possibilities, be sure to obtain home inspection services from the most knowledgeable Syracuse home inspector. Sellers may not know, themselves, the actual condition or the potential defects of their property. You do not want to be left in a position with significant issues pertaining to the structure, roof, water damage, heating or electrical systems.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services have been servicing the Syracuse area with expert knowledge and an unbiased inspection reporting system. Ron DiRaddo has a long-standing background in home construction, so you can be sure the property you are interested in will be exactly what you are looking for without any hidden surprises.

If there are defects or issues with the property, your Syracuse home inspector will detail these problems in his report. You have the right to obtain additional information from independent contractors to review the noted concerns, determine the cost to repair or replace, and use this information to negotiate your sales agreement with the buyer.

Home inspections in Syracuse are provided to give you solid knowledge of your potential purchase. Be aware, though, that a home inspector is only required to note “visible” issues. They do not go looking behind wallboard or in any enclosed area. They are not HAVC specialists (though usually have a strong knowledge of proper installation and improper operation signs), nor are they there to provide you with repair estimates. That is your responsibility.

Syracuse Area Home Inspection

Take the time to properly have your future home inspected. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services provides excellent home inspections in Syracuse and can be your strongest ally in the home purchasing process.

Syracuse area home inspectionHome inspections that indicate significant problems may well provide you enough information that purchasing the property may not be in your best interest. Any issues, if you are still interested in pursuing the purchase, should certainly be examined by an independent contractor specialist such as a builder, roofer, electrician, plumber, or heating contractor.

Syracuse area home inspection provided to you will allow you the most reputable knowledge and expertise in the area of property inspection. Don’t leave your new home to chance and risk your family’s safety. Most lenders require a home inspection before providing a mortgage for a property, as they are also looking for a good investment that is in good, solid condition.

Call DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for home inspections in Syracuse. Be assured that your new home is in the best condition possible. Your future comfort and happiness will depend on a positive result.

Why Home Buyers Need a Quality Syracuse Home Inspector

Home buyers are out in force as the market continues to provide buyers with an excellent market in which to purchase property. Home inspections in Syracuse are in great demand by home buyers, banks, and mortgagors so obtaining a quality Syracuse home inspector is worth your time to research each prospective home inspection service for knowledge, professionalism, reliability in their work, and positive remarks about their service.


Syracuse home inspectorLike everything else we do in this world, from choosing our doctors, dentists, auto mechanic, furnace serviceman, plumber, and veterinarian, choosing the Syracuse home inspector with the best reputation is of primary importance to your home purchase.

Regardless of the protocols required by your bank or mortgage holder, you, as a home buyer, need to be knowledgeable about the true condition of the property you wish to purchase. Not only will this information provide you with the current condition, but any repairs that are immediate in nature can be negotiated with the seller of the property. You will also learn about potential future repairs that you will need to take into consideration.

Every area of the home is of importance and when you hire a home inspection services in Syracuse. The home inspector will evaluate the condition of the utilities (plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning). The firm will review the basic structure, looking for rot, water damage, and unsafe conditions. The roof of the home will be viewed and the current expected life span will be noted. Roof coverings have a finite lifespan so you will want to know if the roof needs immediate attention or has another 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

A Syracuse home inspector can give you peace of mind when it comes to examining a potential property that you wish to buy. The mortgage and the bank have certain requirements that must be ascertained prior to them lending money to purchase a property. Many states actually require that home buyers obtain a home inspection prior to closing. Be sure to know the regulations and laws of your state.


In Syracuse, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is one of the premier home inspection services available.  With an extensive background, Ron DiRaddo will gladly provide you with a detailed and organized report concerning the current condition of your potential new home.

Syracuse home inspectorBuying a home or property is one of the largest and most important life decisions you could make there are many homes on the market with lurking issues and problems that without having a proper home inspection done, could slip through the cracks and become a serious liability to a potential buyer.

Purchasing a home without the benefits of a Syracuse home inspector can leave you in a sea of problems resulting from poorly installed utilities, rotting sills and weight-bearing beams, inadequately vented solid fuel burning appliances, cracked or damaged chimneys, damaged roofing material and dangerous structural defects that would otherwise not be seen without a trained eye on the case.

Make your potential purchase an informed one, in the Syracuse area, reach out to DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services to schedule a home inspection consultation today. Be ready with your preferred home inspector on stand-by for when you find the perfect property that you want to buy.

Home Inspections in Syracuse Need a Quality Home Inspector

Buying a home, the biggest investment you will make, is one where having a Syracuse home Diraddos Home Inspectionsinspector on your side to review all aspects of the property will save you time, money, and headaches. Home buyers in the Syracuse area are in a unique position to be able to check out the property from top to bottom by using a reputable home inspection service like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for home inspections in Syracuse.

What Is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is conducted by a licensed home inspector who has completed specific training and licensing to obtain his/her certification. Our Syracuse home inspector is particularly knowledgeable about the location your home is situated and he knows exactly what to look for at the location since he has been working in the Syracuse area for several years.

Home inspections services in Syracuse from DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, will provide you with a thorough examination of the property you are interested in purchasing. There are standard points of concern in any structure including plumbing, electrical systems, mold and mildew issues as well as unseen and unexpected issues that could be of concern down the road.

Somewhere during the home buying process you will need a home inspector on your side, home inspections in Syracusewhen you are ready to purchase a property and have made a contract for sale, you will be required to obtain a home inspection to assure yourself and the mortgagor of the safety and reliability of the building. Your chosen home inspector will evaluate all mechanical components and structural concerns through an extensive step-by-step process. So bringing in a qualified home inspector like DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services early on in the process can save the potential home buyer headaches down the road. The result of the Syracuse home inspector viewing and reporting on the property you are considering will ascertain whether your choice is a good one for you and your family or if you are getting into a “money pit”.

Many components make up the stability and condition of a property. Hiring a professional and knowledgeable home inspector in the Syracuse area who will provide you with a detailed report regarding the current condition of the home, what causes concern or needs immediate attention will give you piece of mind before signing on the dotted line.

Knowing the true condition of the property you are hoping to purchase will allow you the option to continue with your purchase plans, or to rescind the sales contract if structural issues arise for which you are not prepared to remedy.

Syracuse Home Inspector

In Syracuse you can locate a professional home inspector at DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services by calling Ron DiRaddo at (315) 445-1234. Home Inspection Services in Syracuse are provided to home buyers, realtors, banks, and attorneys. Our experience in the home building process and home inspections allows you an opportunity to make the best choice possible in your home buying experience.

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you can make for you and your family.

Choosing the Syracuse home inspector who will actually care about your needs and provide you with a detailed and thorough report should be of prime importance as you pursue the home of your dreams.

Home Inspections in Syracuse

Don’t let the home of your dreams become a serious nightmare. DiRaddo Home Inspection Services is your preferred home inspection services in Syracuse. They will make sure your home inspection is done according to their strict guidelines and they will leave no deficit unturned.

Purchase a home that has been properly inspected, review the report in detail,and be sure to ask questions regarding any issues that are uncovered in the report. Knowing the true condition, potential future repairs, and whether the property is safe for your family needs to be your most important step in the home buying process.

Be sure to contact Ron at DiRaddo Home Inspection Services to schedule a thorough and timely inspection of the property you are considering. You will be resting easy knowing you are in such good hands.