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What You Should Look For In Your Home Inspection Service

You’ve been looking at potential new homes for months on end. You’ve been through every neighborhood and seen too many properties to even keep straight in your head. Then finally, you found the perfect house. You love the neighborhood, the yard, the layout, the interior. You’re ready to buy, but wait! Have you decided on a home inspection service in Syracuse that will work hard to give you a true report on the condition of the house?

home inspection serviceMany people become so caught up in the house hunt that they neglect to have planned which Syracuse home inspector is the right one for them to use when inspecting their potential new home. So when the time comes to choose a home inspector to evaluate your favorite property, don’t leave the choice up to chance. And don’t agree to use the first one recommended by the the local realtor.

How To Choose a Home Inspector in Syracuse

Choosing the firm that will investigate, evaluate, and inspect your potential home is as serious a decision as using any other professional like your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, realtor or music teacher. No matter what reason you need a professional’s assistance for, you always want to research potential parties, review their websites, talk with friends and neighbors, search out testimonials, see their work if possible, and meet them face to face.

In New York, there are basic requirements for a person to become licenses as a home inspector.

Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent;
Education: Taken and successfully completed a course of study of not less than 140 hours approved by the Department. Of those hours, 40 must be unpaid field based inspections in the presence of and under direct supervision of a Home Inspector licensed by NYS, or a professional engineer or architect, regulated by NYS, or
• Have performed not less than 100 home inspections (paid or unpaid) in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a Home Inspector licensed by NYS, or a professional engineer or architect regulated by NYS,
Successful Completion of an Exam: Have passed the NYS written examination, or have taken and passed an existing nationally recognized examination, deemed equivalent, prior to December 31, 2005.
Freedom from Disqualifying Criminal Convictions
Application Fee: Each application must be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of $250; the license will be effective for 2 years.” (DOS – NYGOV )

 Evaluating a Home Inspection Service

A large proportion of home inspectors have a considerable background in the building and contracting trades. Perhaps they were carpenters, masons, plumbers, or builders earlier in life.  They took their skills, went on to obtain home inspection education, followed the guidelines required by the State, and obtained their license. Now, you know that if a potential home inspector is not licensed they are probably not supposed to be operating in New York State. Be sure to obtain proof of professional license with anyone who you wish to work with or hire for a home inspection.

home inspection serviceHome inspection services in Syracuse are easily found through a simple web search and you will be able to see and read about those professionals who have a web presence. It’s sort of an easy and discreet way to get a glimpse at the person you are considering hiring. Does their home inspection website provide you with plenty of information?  Are your questions addressed online?  Does the home inspection service explain what an inspection consists of, what you can expect, and are their qualifications prominently displayed?

In Syracuse, you may locate home inspectors through the telephone book or perhaps through a referral from a friend or colleague. No matter from whom the referral comes, or how you found the home inspector in Syracuse, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of your rights, knowledgeable in what to expect from a home inspection, and can feel assured that the firm you have chosen is reliable, trustworthy, and will provide an unbiased and truthful report.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service located in Syracuse, New York is available to discuss your home inspection needs and are willing to work with all home buyers within the Syracuse area.  When you’re ready for this major step in the home buying process, contact Ron at DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Service to discuss how he can best work for you.