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Springtime Marks the Start of Home Buying Season in the Syracuse Region

After a long winter with sluggish home sales, the advent of Springtime brings out home buying folks and sellers with expectations of an improving economy. Springtime is the common season in the Syracuse region for the home buying process to commence. If you are preparing to purchase a new home this Spring, obtaining the services of a Syracuse Home Inspector will help you make the best decision on your dream house.

Home inspections in Syracuse are a sought after adjunct to the home buying experience. No matter the age of the property you are considering, finding the right Syracuse home inspector to go through the property prior to purchase will leave you feeling confidant in your selection or provide you with negotiation points if deficiencies are found.

Home Buying in the Syracuse Region

home buyingAre you watching the new homes listings as properties come up for sale? Maybe that home you’ve been wishing would go on the market has actually become available. A Syracuse home inspection by a certified, experienced home inspector will provide you with information about the current, visible condition of the house.

Home buying is an exciting adventure, but specific steps must be taken to satisfy the seller, lender, and for your peace of mind. Since you most likely are not experienced in construction, plumbing, heating or electrical systems having a Syracuse area home inspector on your side is an important aspect of the process,

Home Inspections in Syracuse

A Syracuse home inspector such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services has been providing reliable and experienced service throughout the Syracuse area. With extensive background in the construction field, Ron DiRaddo is available to evaluate and provide you with a full report of all visible systems and structural deficits, if existing, on the property you have chosen.

Very few homes are without conditions requiring attention. Even well-maintained properties may have deficiencies that may require attention in the near future. The obvious portions of a property that are reviewed are roofing materials and condition, exterior structure including soffits, eaves, porches/decks, chimneys and exterior vents.

Our Syracuse home inspector will then proceed to the interior of the property examining obvious flaws, water damage, interior chimney condition, proper ventilation and placement of wood burning stoves and foundation review. Once your home inspector reaches the foundation level, he will evaluate the visible and exterior conditions of the plumbing, heating and electrical systems. Mainly he is looking for systems that are up to code, in proper placement without flammable materials in the vicinity, rust, leakage and water damage.

Home Inspection Benefits All Parties to the Purchase

home buyingOne of the biggest and most important reasons to obtain home inspection services in Syracuse as the home buying frenzy starts, it to ascertain the actual current condition of the property. Lenders want to be assured the property they are lending on meets their underwriting requirements and provides a reasonable risk for their money. You, as the home buyer, want to be assured that the property you buy does not need extensive repairs, like roofing, structural issues, or old/outdated interior systems.

Deficiencies can be addressed either through negotiating repairs with the buyer, and/or sales pricing. Some defects may be significant enough to warrant a backing away from the property and moving on to finding another house that does not require extensive repairs.

All this and your Syracuse home inspector will determine your best course of action when it comes to home buying in the Syracuse region. DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services is available to meet your needs, evaluate the property you wish to buy, and provide you with a detailed report.

If you are in the market for a new home, protect your future investment with a proper, experienced, and thorough home inspection.