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Inspecting Your Potential New Home’s Electrical System

If you are looking for a new home in the Syracuse area, there are many things to investigate to home inspections in Syracusebe sure your potential investment is a good one. Home inspection services in Syracuse provide the required home review for individuals, banks, mortgage companies, and insurance companies. The purpose of hiring a home inspector in Syracuse allows all parties to the purchase of the property to know and understand the condition of the home including the electrical system.

Our Syracuse home inspector takes great pride in producing a detailed report that notes all visible damage and concerns that may need to be addressed prior to your purchase of the home or if the new home buyer will need construction funds available to remedy the issues after purchase if the issues aren’t deal breakers.

Checking The Electrical System

In addition to reviewing the basic home’s structure, roof, foundation, plumbing and other areas of the property, the home inspector will carefully check out the electrical system including the wiring and circuit breaker box.

The electrical system begins with the entrance cables to the home which typically enter the property from the outside near the meter. The meter is checked to be sure it is a current meter and not an older type that could be damaged by wear and tear, weather, and other damage.

The entrance point of the power cables are checked to be sure the power supply is properly insulated (no worn cables) and that the area is properly sealed so as to prevent water and/or rain from entering the house and following the wiring down to the circuit box.

Next, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will review the electrical system inside the property. The inspector is looking for the type and age of the electrical system. If the outside meter is very old, the inspector is going to be looking for old wiring like the original knob and tube. This is a type of wiring was very common in the early 1900s and up until the 1940s. It consisted of a thin wire suspended along white ceramic tubes or posts and generally strung along the rafters in the basement and attic.

Knob and tube wiring is not approved as a functioning, safe or insurable wiring system. This requires a complete electrical system update before a bank will approve a mortgage or loan.  Over the years various types of Romex wiring has been used. Today’s wiring is generally covered in a white insulating material.

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A Syracuse home inspector will then follow the wires, looking for wear, bare wires, and eventually will address the circuit box.  Originally, there were only fuse boxes which regulated the electricity entering the property and the wiring.  There were boxes that held two to six such fuses, which often blew out when overloaded­­­­.

Home Inspections in Syracuse

DiRaddo’s Home inspection services in Syracuse wants to provide you with a comprehensive and reliable report on the condition of your electrical system that Banks and mortgage loan originators can use to be assured that the circuit breaker box is in good condition. Our Syracuse home inspector will evaluate the circuit breaker box for rust (which would indicate water damage to the system) on both the exterior and interior of the box. They will look for bare wires, uncapped wire ends, and missing circuit breakers. Any of these items could require replacement prior to a purchase of the property being accepted.

DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services has many years of knowledge, experience and professionalism to do a home inspection for you should you be ready to pursue the purchase of a property. As your Syracuse home inspector, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services will take the time to go through a detailed and unbiased home inspection that will give you an excellent understanding of the overall condition of your electrical system.  Be sure to use a qualified home inspector for all your property inspection needs.