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Longtime Home Owners Need Home Inspections Too

When you think of home inspections, you typical think of new home purchases. As you go through the buying process and work with a lender, there are several inspections that need to be done. Home inspections in Syracuse are important to the overall purchase of thome inspections in Syracusehe property.

But, longtime homeowners need home inspections as well. This may come as a surprise, but no matter how well you maintain your home, there can be issues that you don’t see. Time, weather, wear and tear, all contribute to the structural and internal systems of your home. The longer you’ve owned your property, the more important it is to contact your Syracuse home inspector to come out an evaluate your home.

What Types of Things Do Home Inspections Include?

Contrary to myth, home inspections do not see every little thing that could be wrong with a house. A Syracuse home inspector is required to observe and inspect the visible structural aspects of a home and the internal operating systems such as plumbing, heating and electric service.

Home inspection services in Syracuse are available through DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services serving Syracuse and the surrounding area. You can be assured that your home will be properly inspected by a licensed and certified home inspector with an extensive construction background. This is very important when considering who to hire to review your property for possible issues.

What Are Visible Structural Points?

A home inspector is not able to open up walls to view interior areas. They are not able to pull down ceiling tiles to determine exactly where water damage might be coming from. They will not test any portion of your utilities, but an inspector can note obvious and visible damage.

What a Syracuse home inspector can do is view the roof for obvious damage, the soffits and eaves for rot, the foundation for cracks and/or leaks. Home inspections include the evaluation of exterior structures like porches, patios, and decks, as well as a garage or similar attached structure.

Interior wise, the home inspections include visual notations of roof rafters in the attic space (if accessible), floors (looking for unusual discrepancies in the levelness), wall stability, basement and foundation for cracks, or water damage.

These structural issues, if not repaired in time, can result in significant damage and deterioration to the property. Your home inspections services in Syracuse will provide you with a complete report on the visible portions of your home for your review. It’s then up to you to determine what needs to be done. The home inspector cannot provide repair suggestions or estimates. You must obtain your own contractor to provide those to you.

In House Utilities

The utility systems in your home do, indeed, age and deteriorate over time. A Syracuse home inspection will include a review of your plumbing, heating and electrical utilities. Again, only on visible components. Home inspections do not attempt to see if the system works. They are merely looking at obvious damage or potential issues.

The plumbing is observed for proper pipe material (older homes may still have old piping that may need to be replaced for health reasons), leaking joints, missing valve handles and any other obvious issues.

The electrical system is inspected to ascertain it is up to code, proper wiring is in place, no bare wires or open junction boxes, and the circuit breaker box will be inspected for possible water damage and/or rust.

home inspectionsThe heating system is primarily checked to see that the furnace or boiler is in good operating condition. That there are no signs of rust in areas that could potentially cause damage, and that there are no leaks around the boiler and/or oil storage tank.

Know Your Home

Home inspections are equally valuable to current homeowners and buyers alike. It is important to ascertain the current condition of your property in order that appropriate steps may be taken to prevent further damage or possible property loss from faulty utilities.

Take the time this spring to contact DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services for your full, complete and experienced home inspection report.

Checking for Mold in your Potential New Home

Buying a new home is a major decision and involves many steps and inspections, if you are looking at homes in the Syracuse area, DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services offers experienced professional Home inspections services in Syracuse and they are availableSyracuse Home Inspections, Home Inspector in Syracusee to help you make the best decision about the condition of your potential new home.

In this article we are going to look at how to determine if there is mold in a potential property, the hazards involved and how to best deal with this situation. A home inspector in Syracuse such as DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, LLC will carefully go through the entire property you are interested in and will give you a full description of potential issues, including the presence of mold.

Mold Grows Where There is Moisture

Mold can be an insidious and particularly hazardous invasion of a property. You’ve probably heard of the dangers of “black mold,” but this is not the only mold that can cause significant health related issues to you and your family. All molds (and there are over 100 different varieties) have the potential to cause health issues and significant damage to homes.

Whether the house you are looking at is current inhabited or has been closed up for years, the probability of mold growing in the home is quite high in our Northeastern climate. You need a Syracuse home inspector to conduct a thorough and complete inspection of the property you would like to purchase because having a home inspection done is your best method in making a wise decision.

Mold grows where there is moisture. Moisture can come from common situations such as no exhaust fans in the bathroom, causing moisture to settle in the walls, corners and flooring.  Moisture can also come from leaks in the pipes, foundation or roofing. Our home inspector in Syracuse can locate potential areas of mold growth whether in the main part of the house or in the basement (cellar).

Common Mold Growth Areas

  • Mold can be found in many places as you can imagine.  Some of the most common areas are
  • Flooring (carpeting and under linoleum)
  • Ceilings
  • Drywall
  • Under sinks
  • Around floor boards
  • Basements (due to leaks either from pipes or foundation cracks)
  • Attics (from leaky roofs)

Water damage is often the main cause of mold growth within a home.  The water damage could be from a long-term leak from a pipe joint, a crack in the foundation allowing ground water to seep in, or an intense amount of water from a flood/broken pipe/clogged drains.

Syracuse Home Inspections

There’s no doubt about it. Mold can be found in almost any property and needs to be found sooner rather than later saving you a large financial investment and headaches down the road.  Our Syracuse home inspector can tell you if there is mold in a particular property you’re interested in just by visual inspection. What you do from there on is your choice, but removal of the mold must be accomplished, and preferably by a professional mold remediation mitigator.

mold inspection services in Syracuse Our Home inspection services expert in Syracuse can explain the extent of the mold situation and direct you to the professionals in your area that can solve these issues. You may want to call them and ask them to evaluate the type and level of mold that is in the property.

Cleaning up mold is not the job of a home inspection service, but they are hired to provide you with a detailed an accurate report of potential hazards in the home.  DiRaddo’s Home Inspection Services, LLC is your premier home inspector in Syracuse and can set up an appointment with you to evaluate a property you’re interested in buying, or even to check over your current home.

Be sure to ask your home inspection service to include a mold evaluation in their inspection report.  The health of you and your family could well be at stake.